Heads and Tails
SEA is proud to announce its participation in the Texas Parks & Wildlife Heads and Tails for Research program.

This program is being conducted by Ivonne Blandon and is a two-year study of the Spotted Sea Trout population, initially in the Lower Laguna Madre.

This program will allow anglers to participate and be part of a research program founded in the interest of conservation.

The research objective is to evaluate hatchery-reared broodstock contributions and survival rates.

The pilot program will focus on the Lower Laguna Madre because of recently detected population declines, changes in fishing regulations in the area, and because the bay is targeted to receive large numbers of hatchery-reared Spotted Sea Trout broodstock for the next few years.  This provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate the efficacy of stock enhancement.

Angler participation will include collection and submission of DNA samples using the Parks & Wildlife collection kits, with the samples being evaluated for the purposes of the study.


To review the Parks & Wildlife program outline, click here.

Ivonne Blandon, geneticist with Texas Parks & Wildlife, speaks at a recent meeting regarding the Heads and Tails for Research project.
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